Andrew Dedman former Hertford police CID unit 2002 circa was transferred to the City of London Police believed officially as the Fraud Division, however alleged connected to MI5 unit that specialised in foreign based political crime work with emphasis on specialist work.The allegations are that as an alleged police officer whilst working in Hertford police station Andrew Dedman for what ever,yet to be confirmed and established,altered and tampered with data held upon police computer systems and therefore officially under The Computer Misuse Act 1990 acted illegally.Dedman originally a specialised British Army operative serving in South America in countries notoriously known for Cocaine production Belize left the Army to join British Police,the following questions are left hanging was he ordered out of the Army into police or did he simply make that decision himself.The answer perhaps can be found in his badge number which is unique to each individual Police Officer in the force… Dedmans case it was 1001,a typically British saying  of a 1001 uses,or in Dedmans case a 1001 misuses.His name is sick…with his “MO” and your a deadman anagram of Andrew Dedman.The Israeli intelligence service Mossad located his tattoo on his left arm an American Eagle and his Turkish Villas.Dedman left the police and was apparently found in Turkey.