PC Darren Brockwell pictured above was located some time ago at Snow Hill Police station,he was selected to become a “Special” police officer at Snow Hill,although the term “Special” is very much open to interpretation an inference can be drawn from this terminology,there are classified MI5 files held upon him that have been “Leaked” and for this reason the publishers of this article disclaim that they are not involved in obtaining MI5 information,It is rumoured that the Russian Government used agents to collect or trade information,information gathered or produced upon this page is part of “The Dedman Files”.These files where obtained as a result of Mossad obtaining information on  far right wing police officers in Britain one of whom was forced to leave the City of London Police Force for reasons that have yet to be classified or declassified or released.Darren is not an ordinary police officer, regular Police officers that work at Snow Hill are kept on Secondary MI5 Data Bases that require less security clearance to open up however they are still classified as MI5 Stock.The area in which Darren operates includes the Barbican Centre where Knighted persons work and attend the Barbican Complex.Security in the City of London where Darren worked is very high level and all Police and Military radio communications are constantly monitored by MI5 Departments for Security Reasons.Darren came from the Banking Industry and was involved in Security work within the Banks.The above picture of Darren Brockwell is freely available on google images and has been confirmed as the same police officer that Mossad has upon its own data bases.Andrew Dedman (MI5) data bases and files included a link up/extention into Darren Brockwell as they both served in the same force City of London Police.Dedman was transferred at around 2003 to an intelligence gathering unit based somewhere in the Wood Street area and was known to Inspector Burgeois through different forms of protocol Darren Brockwell was also linked to Inspector Burgeois site indexes and other MI5 data based material.Darren apparently according to MI5 files received a medal form the Queens of England and was placed on MI5 files with this information.It also states that he was approached by MI5 to start a Gay rights group up in the City of London Police code named CHORUS.If Dedman hadn’t of been “clipped” by Mossad then Darrens indexes wouldn’t have turned up on Israel Intelligence files.Information upon left wingers obtained by Daren Brockwell was transferred to other European countries perhaps illegally however was then held by European forces despite the persons concerned not having criminal records in Europe where they where based, the information was then leaked and the information then became a risk to the persons life,in other words the persons life was put at risk because of leaking of information obtained by Dedman and his internal indexes – hence The Dedman Files.The information in Europe that was left by the City of London Police ended up in both Russia and Europe giving people passports back into British Intelligence itself…I don’t want to have to say this but that’s why bent cops have a thousand and one misuses…..